About CPR Creative Partners Roundtable

Alison Judah,  President of Hypno
with Illustrator Nicole Edmund and nonprofit
Career Wardrobe discuss marketing materials.  
When? - May 21st, 10am to 3:00pm

What? - A one day seminar aimed at helping non-profit organizations who have not yet been selected for our CreateAThon in the past, but who still need our help with marketing consulting and pointers, tips, suggestions and very bright ideas. No actual design or production work will be done at this event, it's all verbal, but the experts providing very useful ideas and solutions will knock your socks off with their thinking. Non-profits will also be given information about useful tools and free resources to help them with their needs. There will also be 30 minute to 1 hour long group seminar sessions, on such topics as blogging, social media, communications tools, and how to write a successful CreateAThon application.

Why? - To help as many non-profits as possible by providing free creative consulting that helps them better fulfill their missions. To change the world and make it a better place.

How? - Creative Volunteers will meet face to face with people from non-profit groups, and offer immediate suggestions, tips, and also point non-profits toward efficient, economical (and some even free) solutions in a constructive and highly energetic atmosphere. It's all about giving away great free creative ideas to make non-profits even more successful with the work they do for our community.

How much? - Absolutely free. Zero! Zilch! There's no cost for the event for any non-profit organization to attend. And there are no strings attached.

Who? -  Hypno Design and a bevy of volunteering talent from surrounding Philadelphia/Southern NJ ad agencies, pr groups, marketing consultancies, and graphic design shops, and printing presses. Non-profit organizations who need their help.

Where? - At a location in Mt. Laurel NJ, convenient to Rt. 295, and Rt. 38. This event is only available by RSVP, so the location will not be publicly posted. Those organizations requesting to attend will be sent location information and timeslots for their attendance. This is so we do not get overwhelmed by last-minute unanticipated attendees showing up. We are trying to schedule the arrivals in a distributed manner so we can better focus on each non-profit person's needs. We hope to do this annually, and position it 6 months from our CreateAThon event.

Stay tuned!

Nonprofits RSVP Now - free to attend.