Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mike Stanziano - Creative Partner Highlight

Mike Stanziano is a young, energetic, outgoing web developer from New Jersey. Mike is a recent college graduate with a B.A. in Digital Arts and Multimedia Design and a minor in Information Technology. Mike currently helps out in an idea firm in Philadelphia creating websites for small business. He also has done a lot of freelance work for small businesses near his hometown, and volunteers his time to help start-up businesses get their websites off the ground. He enjoys telling those new to the website work all the different ways they can accomplish what they need or want.

Mike is passionate about talking to his clients, and listening to what
they want in a website, and making their ideas come to life. Mike
keeps up-to-date with the changes, developments and ideas that
come about in the ever-changing web design world. Mike makes
understanding web design a little easier for those not familiar with the
medium. He takes great pride and satisfaction in his work, and is
always pleased when the client is satisfied with the results

1 comment:

  1. Hey Mike! It was great having you be a part of this. And it was great working with you at table "A". Good work! Can't wait to have you for CreateAThon in the fall. Thanks again!