Saturday, May 14, 2011

Joe Castro Brevoort - Creative Partner Highlight

Joe Castro Brevoort is a Philadelphia-based graphic designer, artist and musician. Following a 9 year stint as Art Director for Please Touch Museum, he founded Red Attic Studios in 2007, building up a diverse client base of non-profits, renegade start-ups, pharmaceutical companies and concert promoters. He has won numerous awards for his design and illustration work, which has been featured in Graphic Design USA and Color Magazine. As an artist, his paintings and collages have been shown in galleries and art spaces across the United States and Canada.

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editor's note: Joe was the art director at Please Touch Museum when we had them as a CreateAThon client over 5 years ago, and has since joined us every year on the creative side for our annual CreateAthon event. The work he's created over the years for nonprofits is top of the line, and we always look forward to seeing what he will create.

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