Monday, May 23, 2011

Creative Partners Roundtable Event a Big Hit with Nonprofits

Hypno Design and a group of some of the area’s most talented marketing, branding and creative minds held their first annual Creative Partners Roundtable event Saturday, May 21st in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The half-day event was held to help nonprofits improve their overall marketing, branding and communications efforts. 31 Local nonprofit organizations attended the free event meeting with 24 creative professionals from the region.

During this “speed dating”-type event, representatives from area nonprofits met with experts in a variety of creative disciplines, including graphic designers, copy writers, website designers, strategic marketing pros, public relation experts and social media gurus, and they received free advice, instruction and information to help take their branding and marketing to the next level.

The creation of CPR was inspired by Hypno Design’s eight years of hosting CreateAthon, a 24-hour creative marathon where a group of local nonprofits are selected to receive free marketing assistance. President of Hypno, Alison Judah said of the new event "This was such a great first-year effort by all. All the positive energy and incredible ideas in the room really made the day amazing. All the nonprofits went away recharged, well-informed, and inspired I think from the smart ideas our volunteers were generating. We were very lucky to have that talented group of creative people helping out. The nonprofit organizations really appreciated their help."

"This was an extremely helpful day. We were able to see things through a different lens so we know what parts are going in the right direction and what needs to change," said Mary Catherine Dabrowski from Creative Arts and Aging Network after the event.

In addition to the face-to-face consultations with the diverse creative teams, the Nonprofit Organizations' representatives also attended free educational seminars about Direct Mail, Internet Marketing on a Dime, and Nonprofit Board Governance. Raffle prizes of design, printing and other services were also given out during the event with prizes being donated by Hypno Design, Burlington Press, Typestries, New Media Design and Red Attic Studios.


  1. The teamwork and brain-trust at this event were truly amazing! Thank you everyone!

  2. Richard, Alison & your host of talented teammates:

    Congratulations on your rocking success. I think it's amazing that you've found a way to evolve the generosity embedded in Create-A-Thon to this roundtable. It's a great way to give back to all the folks who spend their life giving back.

    There's nothing quite like the karma train...especially when it's fueled by genius like this.

  3. Thanks Tracey! it was a lot of fun. If only we could get you down here with us one of these days, you would have a blast. Maybe some time in the future? This event ranks as a pretty easy one compared to CreateAThon in terms of wear and tear on the body and mind. We'll be doing it again next Spring I'm sure. I'll keep you in tune!

    Thanks again for the nice words.