Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CPR Creative Partners Roundtable - Announcing a NEW idea for helping our world

This is exciting stuff!

Happening May 21st, 2011

Hello Superstars of Creativity!

Can you tell I'm sucking up to you already? You probably are called a lot of things, but I bet you don't get called that at work every day!

We have an exciting new thing we're doing this spring and I need your immediate input PLEASE!

We have another chance to make a huge difference in the world.

The concept: Creative Partners Roundtable for non-profits

As you know, we can only serve about 5 to 7 non-profits each year via CreateAThon, and a lot of worthy groups don't get selected each year simply because we don't have the resources available for ALL of them at one time. For every one client we accept at least 6 or 7 other very worthy groups are rejected and told to "keep applying, and maybe next year you will be accepted." There's only so much life-blood we can pour into it, after all. It's disappointing for them and for us.

The Creative Partners Roundtable (a working title - feel free to suggest a better one) allows us to contact all the organizations that have applied in the past, and invite them to a free seminar where creative professionals will be available in a speed-dating type of atmosphere to look at their current marketing and branding materials, and offer pointers (suggestions) and give them direction on available inexpensive and free resources. Think of it as part portfolio review, and part speed-chess (yes, there will be timers!). Along the way, we will also offer tips for how to fill out the CreateAThon application better, and increase their chances for being picked for CreateAThon. We may even have small presentation seminars scheduled on things like Social Media, blogging, and other marketing ideas to round out the day. (Any ideas are welcome!)

It would go from 10am to 3pm (or so). So it's not a major life-blood commitment for you, our volunteers. And it would be held on a Saturday. Even if you could not put in 5 hours, one or two hours would be do-able, easily. We figure this is a good way for some of our volunteers to rejoin the effort, who have not been able to commit to doing CreateAThon with us (for understandable reasons!). Plus, it's a fun way to network and help save the world in a way that contributes to the success of the organizations, and to the ongoing success of CreateAThon.

Lunch and snacks will be supplied. All you need to bring is your creative minds. There will hopefully be internet access, so we can look at Non-profits existing websites, and show them online resources as well. We will also compile a resources flyer for them with all kinds of valuable free tips and pointers.

A designer can look at a startup's materials and explain the importance of a good logo and using it consistently, or how to fix a bad logo. A copywriter can examine the messaging they are currently using and help explain some basic rules about good communication, and what we've learned while helping other non-profits over the years.) A marketing expert can look at the gaps in a NP's program and suggest ways of getting more bang from their buck. Photographers can explain the power of a good photo (and since they are visual people their design input matters too). There's something to do for everyone of you, at this event. There will be a lot of brain power in the room, so it's sure to be exciting and rewarding, and buzzing!

So the NPs don't all show up at 10am and swamp us, we will have a first come-first serve RSVP schedule to spread out their arrivals. As you can guess this will take some good coordination of knowing who our volunteers will be and when they will be available. I'm hoping you all say "I'm in, and could do the full 4 or 5 hours" as it would mean we could line up even more NP's for arrival. The day will go quickly, I am positive about that. Think how quickly the first 5 hours of CreateAThon goes!

So the first step is selecting a date. We are thinking Saturday May 21st. The location will be in South Jersey, probably in a nice (wide open empty) office building in Delran, NJ. If that's a good day for you, and you feel like helping save the rest of the world that day with us, let me know!

- Richard Cardona

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